venerdì 1 luglio 2016

Inquisitrix "Juliah Hemlock" [COMPLETED]

++Juliah Hemlock++

-encode 1011011, authorization level: high inquisitor.

Juliah Hemlock, “the white flower of Dolos” radical inquisitrix (isstvanian),

Julia’s parents and brothers were kidnapped and sacrificed in a chaos ritual that turned them into chaos spawns.
She managed to survive since a group of sisters of battle rescued her and vanquished the chaos cultists. She grew up in the monastery with her saviors following their principles and doctrines.
When the chaos cult came back she was 16, and fought them in the catacombs of the hive city. Isolated from her companions by the cunning chaos cultists, she faced 4 chaos spawns at once.She was found few hours later, unconsciout, with horrible wounds and without an arm… surrounded by the mutated corps of her foes.

Surviving again, she convinced herself that her fate is to fight the mutants for life, for suffering is the path to santity.

Juliah has an extremely high IQ and she is always very collected and cold-blooded. She fights with precision and swiftness more than strenght. She fights the heretics with strategy, her every move is calculated with precision, her mind never resting behind her ice-blue eyes. She Was right handed before losing her arm but through years of practice she learnt to fight and shoot with her left arm with enough dexterity to challenge the fiercest chaos servants

her crossbow’s darts are filled with a strange liquid which burns using the blood of those they hit as fuel, incinerating them from the inside, in a white burst of light. This macabre blossom, with the help of her light hair color, granted her the name of “the white flower”.

-the Boltergeist

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