mercoledì 15 giugno 2016

Plastic Sisters of battle [kill-team] [WIP]

A package came in yesterday. And it was filled with all sorts of weird dark eldar and space marines bits. TO THE GEISTCAVE!!!! (nanananana nanana nanana)

I've always wanted to convert something into adepta sororitas and this time I have all planned out!

here's the first model I went for, the sister superior!!! I wanted her to have a very dynamic pose and I recycled the head out of a confrontacion model which fit PERFECTLY!

I'm so excited about this project!

-the Boltergeist

the army list right now includes:

5 sisters  with chainswords
simulacrum, heavy bolter, storm bolter 

5 dominion 
simulacrum, 3 storm bolter, 1 melta

5 seraphim 
veteran superior with plasma pistol & power weapon

300 pts

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