sabato 10 dicembre 2016

Slaaneshy Hellbrute [kill team][PAINTED]

It's always good to get back on some chaos space marines from time to time.
I've left this model unpainted for way to long and it was time to get some work done!

I tried to make this model fit the warband look by using the same candles and palette. The base was a challenge, since the hellbrute has a rock under his left foot and it was impossible to remove. I decided to divide the base into 2 parts, one with my traditional industrial look, and the other with the classic sand, separating the two with a couple tubes. I had to paint it in multiple stages so that I could glue the miniature onto the base and blend the rock in with the sand. I'm really happy of how the base turned out!

I'm not 100% done with the painting, yet I'm SOOO EXCITED about this project and the general impact that I could not wait to share it with you. This will be a great secret weapon for my kill team and inquisimunda games!

Hope you like it! ^-^

-the Boltergeist

venerdì 1 luglio 2016

Inquisitrix "Juliah Hemlock" [COMPLETED]

++Juliah Hemlock++

-encode 1011011, authorization level: high inquisitor.

Juliah Hemlock, “the white flower of Dolos” radical inquisitrix (isstvanian),

Julia’s parents and brothers were kidnapped and sacrificed in a chaos ritual that turned them into chaos spawns.
She managed to survive since a group of sisters of battle rescued her and vanquished the chaos cultists. She grew up in the monastery with her saviors following their principles and doctrines.
When the chaos cult came back she was 16, and fought them in the catacombs of the hive city. Isolated from her companions by the cunning chaos cultists, she faced 4 chaos spawns at once.She was found few hours later, unconsciout, with horrible wounds and without an arm… surrounded by the mutated corps of her foes.

Surviving again, she convinced herself that her fate is to fight the mutants for life, for suffering is the path to santity.

Juliah has an extremely high IQ and she is always very collected and cold-blooded. She fights with precision and swiftness more than strenght. She fights the heretics with strategy, her every move is calculated with precision, her mind never resting behind her ice-blue eyes. She Was right handed before losing her arm but through years of practice she learnt to fight and shoot with her left arm with enough dexterity to challenge the fiercest chaos servants

her crossbow’s darts are filled with a strange liquid which burns using the blood of those they hit as fuel, incinerating them from the inside, in a white burst of light. This macabre blossom, with the help of her light hair color, granted her the name of “the white flower”.

-the Boltergeist

martedì 28 giugno 2016

Female inquisitor [WIP] [inq28]

I always wanted to convert a female inquisitor! While I was working on some chaos conversions I looked at the cultist champion from the Dark Vengeance box and I fell in love with his coat. I needed to make an inquisitor out of that!

So I started scraping, and gluing, and green-stuffing and surfingintheUSA until I got this:

After a few days spent refining this project I decided it was ok to start painting and this is the stage I'm at now! I wanted her to look elegant, collected and cruel, mixing a more noble side with a more ice-blooded-hunter. I admit, bloodborne was a good inspiration for this model!

I'm not 100% sold on the blonde hair. Maybe white air would be more cool and 40k-ish. I'll keep on working and see where this will lead me... Hope you like her!

mercoledì 15 giugno 2016

Plastic Sisters of battle [kill-team] [WIP]

A package came in yesterday. And it was filled with all sorts of weird dark eldar and space marines bits. TO THE GEISTCAVE!!!! (nanananana nanana nanana)

I've always wanted to convert something into adepta sororitas and this time I have all planned out!

here's the first model I went for, the sister superior!!! I wanted her to have a very dynamic pose and I recycled the head out of a confrontacion model which fit PERFECTLY!

I'm so excited about this project!

-the Boltergeist

the army list right now includes:

5 sisters  with chainswords
simulacrum, heavy bolter, storm bolter 

5 dominion 
simulacrum, 3 storm bolter, 1 melta

5 seraphim 
veteran superior with plasma pistol & power weapon

300 pts

lunedì 13 giugno 2016

Myrmidon Automata - Recycling is Good [with WIP]

Do you remember the old (VERY old) Nagash model? No? Ok, here it is!

Good Old Nagash (1994)
This was one of the first miniatures I've ever boght (I was like 8 y/o). It came with a big fallacy in the sculpt so it was impossible to build and play for me. Recently I found this unfinished model in my "spare parts box"and decided immediately that it needed a new life!

here's the result, a gigant techpriest with a scary flamethrower!

you can find some other miniatures on my fresh new: FACEBOOK PAGE <- click here

hope you like it!

-the Boltergeist

giovedì 9 giugno 2016

Slaaneshy Hellbrute [kill team][WIP]

The hellbrute model is an extremely detailed piece... so why not adding EVEN MORE details? I added the claws of the slaanesh greater demon and build some sort of altar on his shoulders. I added an old skull taken from the fantasy orcs sprue and surrounded it with candles. What can I say I love candles...
hope you like it :) Bye!!!

-the Boltergeist

lunedì 23 maggio 2016

Chaos Chosen Champion [kill team]

The heresy is strong in this one!
Hi everybody, and welcome. This is the first miniature I converted out of the "dark vengeance" box. My plan is to create a small converted kill team/warband of chaos heretics with some chosen, spawns and a hellbrute.

They belong to a customized chapter which I decided to call "the whisperers". They live in the depth of hive-cities corrupting everything they can.
My focus here was trying to make this champion look like a living altar, therefore candles and the symbol on the backpack.

Hope you like it. More chaos space marines incoming :)

-the Boltergeist

and here's some WIP